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Here Is Gerry Anderson's Unaired Pilot Episode of a new series that never really left the ground......This was shot and produced between the 1st and 2nd season of "Space 1999"

Here is What Wikipedia says about This Series

"The Day After Tomorrow (also known as "Into Infinity", which was the title used for the UK transmission) was a 1975 science fiction television special produced by Gerry Anderson between the two seasons of Space: 1999. It starred Brian Blessed, Nick Tate, Joanna Dunham, Katharine Levy and Martin Lev. It aired in the United States on NBC as part of their 'Special Treat' children's series in December of 1975, and in the United Kingdom on BBC1 in December of 1976."

"Two families, led by Dr. Tom Bowen (Blessed) and Captain Harry Masters (Tate), depart a space station on a mission of discovery beyond the solar system aboard the starship Altares, bound for Alpha Centauri. Once their work there was complete the two families decided to journey beyond Alpha Centauri. A meteor shower disables the computer guidance system, then the photon drive kicks in, driving Altares out of control at near-light speed, and with no way to return to Earth."

"After an unknown amount of time, the drive gives out in the vicinity of a red giant star on the verge of going supernova. Captain Masters goes into the ship's reactor to repair the drive; finishing just as the star begins to collapse. After escaping the explosion, the ship is unable to maintain its intended course (back to Earth). They are caught in the gravity well of a black hole - to escape they would need to travel faster than light. They are pulled into it and are hurled into another universe."

"The special was created as a dramatic narrative to familiarize children with the theories of Albert Einstein. However, Gerry Anderson formatted it as a possible series pilot ("Into Infinity" would have become its episode title), but it was not picked up, which left only the single episode produced."

For more info about this visit

here is a link to the Pilot Episode "Day After Tomorrow Into Infinity"

Here is a sneak peak of the show
with some of the original music

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