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Welcome to Sci-Fi World's Chat Room! Anyone can chat here whether they're registered here as members or not so I'll ask members to use their own Sci-Fi username here so we all know each other.


  1. To chat, type a name for yourself (please use the same one you use here) in the box at the bottom and click the icon to the right to change your name from an anonymous one.
  2. Type in the dialogue window at the bottom what you want to say and hit enter each time you're finished.
  3. Once you log in, you can start Chatting! Remember to type your comments in and be sure to press Return (to send your chat comments through the widget).
The important thing for those wanting to chat is to pre-establish a TIME for a chat. Anyone wanting to chat to discuss topics or collaborate on various projects, can arrange times among themselves.

Mostly importantly, enjoy the chat feature!

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